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The Edge of Therapy

Relying on the cast's improvisational skills, the unscripted production of The Edge of Therapy was directed by local high school senior Chance Christie, who also authored the storyline, with the able assistance of his grandmother, theatre veteran Connie Grimm. The play featured a collection of wacky patients whose psychiatrist had recently died. Summoned to their erstwhile psychiatrist's office by his "daughter," who bills herself as their new therapist, the patients soon take control of the therapy session in a proverbial "inmates running the asylum" scenario. Led by the side-splitting antics of multiple personality patient "Veronica/Debbie/Ronnie," skillfully played by Bethany LaLoge, the nutty group soon drives "Dr. Belle Skinner" (Connie Grimm) to virtual distraction. The gang of misfits includes pathetic former psychotherapist "Sara Beth" (Cheryle Johnston), wrought with anxieties and constantly hyperventilating, impossibly snobbish, chain-smoking socialite "Lavinia" (Coral Anderson), obsessive compulsive cleanliness nut "Camilla" (Courtney Wise) and attitude-dripping juvenile delinquent "Shaniqua" (Gabby Brantley) -- not to mention the ever-revolving character(s) of "Veronica/Debbie/Ronnie"-- each demanding their share of attention as the therapy session rapidly devolves into unmitigated chaos.

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